Kefa Capital

Success Stories



South America family that is the largest sugar cane producer (25,000 acres) in their country along with owning/operating a sugar mill, 20,000 head feedlot, and farming 10,000 acres of soybeans. Provide consulting services on United States real estate investments and management, with a specific area of interest in the California wine and pistachio industry, Nebraska irrigated cropland, rangeland, and feedlot industry, and Midwest corn and soybean cropland.


COnsulting & Lending Services

East Coast family with farming, grain elevator, and beef cattle confinement operations in Delaware and Maryland and irrigated farming, rangeland, and beef cattle feedlot/ranching in Nebraska and Wyoming. Provided consulting and long-term lending services for a loan in the low 8 figure range. Managed the closing process involving collateral in three states, five counties, and including three title companies, six lenders, and three attorneys.


Lending & Consulting Services

Large, vertically integrated farming family involved in the development and farming of pistachios and almonds, processing of pistachios, and international trading in all major nut crops. Provide lending and consulting services along with identifying and analyzing almond, pistachio, and pecan investments in California and Arizona.


Long-Term Lending & Consulting Services

California grape and walnut nursery with a 40 year proven track record. Long-term lending as well as consulting services for transferring the business to a long-term employee and the liquidation of prime agricultural real estate assets. Provide ongoing management of nursery business for new owner.


Lending & Consulting Services

Large, organic strawberry grower on California’s central coast. Provide lending and consulting services for purchasing strawberry real estate.


Lending & Consulting Services

California family dairy operation in the 2,400 cow range. Provide lending and consulting services for seeing the operation through low milk prices and expanding the operation through the development of a 600 cow robotic dairy barn. Construction of barn began in November, 2016, and completed in March, 2018.